Living with Dignity

Ethica Alliance aspires to serve as a convener and an enabler to individuals and organizations to create a united focus towards addressing human challenges globally.  By collaborating organizations and key stakeholders Ethica Alliance seeks to further initiatives that achieve positive change, raise the conscious level through advocacy, awareness, and change through practical solutions.
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”Margaret Mead

Raising Awareness, Raising Hope

To change this paradigm, we need to look to the leaders of today who demonstrate a social consciousness in their actions and decision making to be a force for social good.

This social consciousness arises in the awareness of both the direct impacts and potential ripple effects of our actions on the local and global communities. It is the knowledge of the human connectedness we have with each other and the necessary accountability for our actions that this connection implies.

Socially Conscious Leaders:

Leaders within current organizations and the social system, who are driven to unite and empower socially driven movements

Socially conscious leaders strive to live practical, purpose driven lives with the goals of improving the social good and achieving lasting social change. As leaders, working independently or with an organization, they create sustainable change by empowering those around them.

Socially conscious individuals “walk the walk” of living compassionately and purposefully every hour of every day.

These leaders will provide a foundation and a compass to guide others toward a socially aware, socially active, purpose-driven future, by embodying the principles of compassion, responsibility and prosperity:

  • Through compassion we recognize our global human connectedness
  • This necessitates a deep responsibility for the entirety of our actions
  • Thus we are called to choose prosperity for all versus profits for few