The Team

Rehan Dawer is an advocate for change and growth and is deeply driven and passionately focused on making a meaningful contribution to the world through leadership, education and social entrepreneurship.

Forged from a culturally diverse childhood, Rehan has dedicated much of his life in the pursuit of knowledge and growth, and as a result, has become adept at heading into the often unchartered waters of change. A prodigious learner, he is an avid student of leadership, human development, and world history.  His passion for exploring innovative ideas propelled him through 23+ years as an executive, business leader and mentor to numerous leaders in both private and public sector. As an enabler by nature, Rehan’s gift is to see through complexity to discover the meaningful values, trends, and patterns to create strategies that help both individuals and organizations reach their highest potential. Driven both by his compassion for humanity and a deep conviction that there’s a higher purpose to life that exists within each of us, Rehan founded Ethica Global Alliance.

As an active member of the philanthropic community, he speaks at events held within North America, South and Central Asia and supports various non-profits organizations; Board member – Communities in Schools, Board Member – ADAMS Compassionate Healthcare Network, Member Leadership Council – Convergence: Center for Policy Resolution.

Prior to forming Ethica, he held several management and executive positions with Bank of America, American Express Financial Advisors, and Morgan Stanley.  He continues to apply his business acumen as founder and  CEO of ValueBridge International; advisory firm to help companies create sustainable value through entrepreneurial ventures.  He has actively help build several companies which include Guidance Financial Group (niche finance company in the US; $4.3B), Buttonwood Financial, a financial advisory services firm; Novastar Group; delivering a higher standard of educational services.

Rehan built his academic foundation at University of Maryland and Georgetown University and holds degrees in Finance, Marketing, International Business Management, and Certificates in Senior Executive Leadership Management and Leadership Coaching.


Stephen R. Grand, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Dr. Kevin Hern, Booz Allen Hamilton

Dr. Erfan Ibrahim, Senior Director, National Renewable Energy Lab (NRL)

Alex Lilavois, MITRE Corporation

Bill Milliken, Founder & Former Chairman of Communities In Schools (CIS)

Marc J Zbinden, Partner, ValueBridge International