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In a time of destruction and division, rebuilding and revitalization is important. Post-colonial countries all over the world have endured hard hits to their individual freedom, whether that be religion, speech, or education. These core issues are rooted in suppressive, governmental laws. As a grassroots student-run organization, our goal is to assist in an alternate, unique way. Effective education, when used ethically, allows students to become capable of solving problems in their own societies.

Our goal is to enable and expand initiatives and institutions that commonly align with us, who have made a commitment that lasts beyond their lifetime to empower students through education.

The Interlinking Issue of Health and Education

Rahmani30’s Journey
  • We have aligned with Rahmani30, as we fully support their mission to build moral leadership capacity in each successive generation to affect change that matters. 
    • Rahmani30 works to house and train students from disadvantaged backgrounds with no fee. These students train for some of the toughest entrance exams to study at the most prestigious engineering institutions of the world: the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).
    • “This goal is established to be the catalyst for inspiring the minorities to aim high, to seek their rightful place and achieve their human dignity.”
      • Many places such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, Chennai have already benefitted from this model.                                      

The issue at-hand: Only 17% of religious minorities above the age of 17 years have completed 10th-grade education in India

What We Do

In our partnership with Rahmani30, we supported their goal to house and train 300 students in one of the hottest summers in 2019. 

    • In order to do well academically, they first must have the basic health necessities to prosper.
      • Needed a living space with drinkable, clean water.
      • Scorching hot conditions became dangerous, needed Air Conditioning (AC) and power generators for a somewhat durable sleep.
      • As these students prepare for one of the toughest tests in the world, they depend on multitudes of paper copies for practice every single day. We support economically sustainable methods in achieving this which is why we supported tablets for these students. Even simple materials, such as dry-erase markers and glass boards, were provided.

We raised over $5k from the Virginia community to allocate eco-friendly resources for these students. 

After a few tumultuous months of Monsoon floods, lack of road pavements and medical carts; these students preservered and 92% passed university entrance exams and matriculated successfully!  

We look forward to continuously support Rahmani30 to expand this model to more schools and in other rural/disadvantaged areas. 

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